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Town Hall Useage Notice

The Selectmen would like to remind everyone that if you want to use the Town Hall you need to fill out a use of hall contract and have it approved by the Selectmen. Also if wanting to borrow tables or chairs you also need to fill out a contract and have it approved by the Selectmen. Anyone who has a key to the Town Hall is not supposed to give the key to anyone else without approval of the Selectmen. If you have a key for coaching you are only allowed to use the hall for scheduled practices and games you need to fill out a contract for any other uses.

Town of Monroe Public Notices

To All Monroe Water Customers:

Due to continued increases in costs for repair and operation of the water system, the following price increases will go into effect as of July 1, 2024.

Water rate will increase from $6.33 per 1,000 gallons to $8.00 per 1,000 gallons. Also the meter rate will increase from $10 per quarter to $12 per quarter.

Overall, the average bill will increase between $10 and $12 per quarter.

Questions? Contact the Selectmen office. Thank you.

Water Service Survey

All Monroe Water Customers – Please be sure to complete and return the water service survey you receiving in your April billing. Any questions or if you need another copy, please contact Diane at the Town Office (603) 638-2644.

To contact town office personnel on the weekends, please post a message on the Town of Monroe Facebook page

Do you have any concerns about any particular hazards that may occcur in the community. Click HERE to let us know